Street Photography from Stuart Card

About Me

Well, I’m just a guy with a camera and this urge to keep picking it up and pointing at things! I now have several thousand images and over the last few months I’ve experimented a little with how best to share them. I like trying different things and I have tried a number of photo sharing sites.

This lead me to set up my digital “home” over at  This is where you will find most of my galleries which contain mt edited pictures and predominantly the images I think most folks would think about hanging on their wall. However I have a passion street photography and I felt that these photographs did not sit well next to my landsacpes etc, so I set up this blog to share my street photo’s.

The majority of these images are taken in and around Birmingham in the UK and my holiday home in Beldibi, Turkey. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy the experiance and thrill of taking them and getting the results up on the site. Any comments would be apprected so feel free to add your thoughts god or bad….

Best wishes













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